Welcome to my digital workshop!

Beacon Probe Installation

Pasted image 20231110164506 The Beacon probe is a bed plate surface scanner that can create a thousand point bed mesh with sub-micron accuracy at 500mm/sec. It also acts as a Z end-stop switch which can be used for Z homing and bed leveling.

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3D Printing and Custom Furniture

Combine the capabilities of CAD, 3D Printing, basic woodworking tools and supplies to create fun, custom, budget friendly furniture!

*custom designed fitting for 1” wooden dowels printed in carbon fiber nylon

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The PlottyBot Build

Where did I meet you?

To be honest, I’m not really sure how I came across Ben Akrins’ awesome PlottyBot project, but I’m sure glad I did! Maybe it was the post I saw on Toms Hardware or on Reddit. Either way, it got my attention and definitely struck a chord with me for a few reasons. It took me back to a time when I was in school (maybe junior high, maybe earlier) and just learning about some of the cool things you could do with computer assisted drawing - maybe it was the Turtle language - I can’t quite remember - it’s been a while since Junior High! Anyway there was something nostalgic about it for me.

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Custom studio monitor stands

Custom Speaker Stands

Sometime around August of 2021 I decided it was time to upgrade my micro home studio and add a proper pair of monitors. I ultimately decided on a pair of RP7 ROKIT G4’s near field monitors as they fit my budget, were powered, and of moderate size to fit well on my desk. After 6 or so months of use I’m still really happy with them. They’ve got more than enough power and produce a clear and balanced sound that has helped me get my mixes dialed in more quickly than with my old setup.

(picture from krkmusic.com)

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