I’m Jeff Barrows - you’ve found me!

Welcome to my Notes From the Garage blog

Here you’re likely to find posts about some of the projects I’ve been working on. Topics will vary over time and include things like electronic music production, sound design, coding/electronics projects, 3D Printing, and beer making.

I’ve wanted to have a place to share some of the projects that I’m working on in hopes of inspiring others, or to simply share the creative process. I learn by doing, and have been able to build some really cool things in large part due to people being generous with their time by writing up blog posts, creating YouTube videos, sharing code, and providing helpful comments in various forums.

I feel it’s only right for me to share what I can in hopes it helps someone else in their explorations!

Areas of exploration

  • Electronic music - Ableton, Hardware Synths, MIDI, Max For Live development
  • 3-D Printing - Setup, configuration, firmware, troubleshooting, hacking
  • Electronics projects - Arduinio, XigBee, Raspberry Pi
  • Photography and Design
  • Brewing
  • Building
  • etc…

A note about transparency

It’s important for me to be very clear about sponsorships and paid promotions. Should I ever find myself in the fortunate position where I receive compensation like cash, demo units, or the such to create a blog post or video, I’ll definitely let you know about it.

I look forward to connecting with humans who have adopted growth mindset and share my passion for lifelong learning.